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At Re-side we're looking for writing that resides outside of the norm. We are especially interested in work that pushes the boundaries of identity and questions that status quo. 

We are a quarterly, themed online literary and arts magazine. 

Submissions are open as follows:
May for ISSUE #10 (THEME - YELLOW)
August for ISSUE #11 (THEME TBC)

November for ISSUE #12 (THEME TBC)

February for ISSUE #013 (THEME - TBC) 

We accept anything creative: articles, think pieces, poetry, prose, art, photography, personal essays. Send us anything that makes you feel something. If you have any questions about whether your piece would be suitable drop us an e-mail.

We encourage submissions from new and established creatives. We especially encourage work from under-represented and emerging writers. If you have any queries, just drop us an email!

Expect a reply within 1 month of the submission closing date - if for some reason you do not hear from us after this, feel free to contact us. Please only send work during the submission window as work sent outside this time will not be considered and will be deleted without a reply.

Work remains the property of the creator, however we ask if it gets published elsewhere after being published with us, that you give credit to Re-Side as its first home. 


Please read carefully, submissions that do not adhere to the rules may be rejected on this basis alone. 

  • Send your submission as a Word Documents or PDF with 12pt Times New Roman (or other serif) font. 

  • Work must be previously unpublished and original to the author. 

  • We accept translations of your own work - this can be alone or alongside the original piece - but do not accept translations of others' work. 

  • If you have a simultaneous submission please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere, so we can withdraw it from consideration.  

  • Please only submit to one written category per submission period (e.g 1 short story OR 3 poems) however you can submit art/photography alongside writing (e.g 1 essay AND 5 photographs). 


PROSE/ PERSONAL ESSAYS - one piece up to 1000 words. 
POETRY - up to 3 poems, a maximum of 30 lines each.
ARTICLES/ THINK PIECES - one piece up to 1000 words. 
ART/ PHOTOGRAPHY - up to 5 pieces, these should all be of good quality for online viewing. 
EXPERIMENTAL - Submit one piece up to 1000 words or one page. 

We may suggest small edits to make your piece fit our zine more, or help push it to its best, please be open to this.

We reserve the right to reject any work that we feel is offensive or does not fit with the values and ethos that we hold here at Re-side. All decisions are final. 

(this email is for enquiries only)

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