Abstract Colors 5


1. Narratives lie under all we do even - perhaps most of all - where we don't acknowledge them day to day. Often the narrative that has been the most embedded in our collective consciousness is the one that people tend towards (usually without realising). Re-Side aims to realise the other side - to take the same pages of the so often rehearsed book and to view them ǝpᴉsdn uʍop. 

2. Reside: "having one's permanent home in a particular place." Re-side is a permanent home for those whose identity lies somewhat outside of the borders of a familiar four walls. 

3. Re-side changes the shape of story - the ways things can be conveyed whilst constantly in flux.
Re-side bends the lines of the page. 

We are an online literary and arts journal that releases a new themed issue every other month. We are proud to have had submissions from a community all over the world.

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